7 easy Halloween decorations for your party this weekend

Are you throwing a Halloween-themed dinner, a spooky adult soirée, or a get together for the kids? Don’t waste your time in the Halloween aisle, browsing through the same decorations that everyone else is going to use! Check out these 7 DIY décor ideas that’ll make your party stand out from the rest!

Morgue drawer door

Give your guests an eerie and hair-raising greeting when they walk up to your decorated door. Throw the fall wreath to the side and create three morgue drawers that will set the mood when they arrive. You can get as detailed or as simplistic as you want, but usually 3 drawers with hinges and handles will fit just right and give off enough spook for the night. 

Halloween candy wreath

Not looking to give your guests the chills as they walk up? Don’t feel like giving the neighbor kids nightmares? Go for a more family-friendly wreath, instead! Wrap an old wreath with fabric and use your hot glue gun to adhere Halloween candies to your wreath until covered! What a sweet and inviting item to hang!

Painted pumpkins

While orange, carved pumpkins are a standing tradition, why not spice it up this year? Save some pumpkins from the knife and simply throw color on them! Paint them according to your party’s theme or home décor style. If solid colored pumpkins seem too “blah” for your style, don’t be afraid of design, and add some polka dots or stripes!

Pumpkin candy dispenser 

Switch out your ordinary kitchen candy jar and make a festive bowl that looks like it was made to hold Halloween candy! Cut a hole in the side of the pumpkin, that matches the dimensions of a clear bowl that you already have, and start removing the ooey-gooey pumpkin filling. Once the filling is out, and the bowl is inserted in, you can start putting candy inside for your guests!

Creepy candelabra

Make a centerpiece that really sets the mood for your creepy and kooky party. Find an antique candelabra that looks old and worn for a haunted vibe, or buy a cheap one at the store, paint it silver, and work your arts-and-crafts magic. Insert black or orange candlesticks, and add cobwebs for an extra special creepy effect.

Bloody candles

Going for the creepy effects or trying to create a haunted atmosphere? Placing these bloody candles on end tables, coffee tables, or bathroom sinks will do the trick! Drip red wax down the side of large white candles and insert black carpet tacks all around the candles. You’ll be sure to get that tortured look that’ll have your guests looking over their shoulders all night. 

Painted candy corn pots

Are the bloody candles not quite the family-friendly look you were going for? Use yellow, orange, and white paint to cover terracotta pots, instead! Even if you don’t like the taste of the tri-colored Halloween treat, they provide for a cute color scheme that kids will love. Just make sure that you get the colors in the right order!


Think past the “boo” signs and traditional orange and black decorations that you see every year and bring out that arts-and-crafts side of yourself! DIY décor not only provides unique options for any get together, but it’ll make your party seem that much more special and thought-out. No one will know it was a last-minute decorating decision!

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