5 St. Patrick’s Day party ideas

It’s March, and that means International Women’s Day, Daylight Saving Time, and our favorite day to drink green beer! Kick back and have a wee bit o’ fun this March by throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party for all of your friends. These 5 St. Patrick’s Day party ideas will ensure that all of your guests are as happy as Larry!

Make it official

Send out themed invites to all of your special guests so that they don’t make any other plans for the weekend. St. Patrick’s Day party invitations are the perfect way to get your guests excited about the party and give them a visual about the theme. Shape the invitation as a shamrock or leprechaun hat, or make it all about the beer! Get creative and incorporate some Irish slang if you’re feeling brave!

Come hungry

Make feeding the crowd fun! Host a themed irish dinner with corned beef hash, soda bread, colcannon, and chocolate stout cake! Offer a pint of Guinness, a Jameson and ginger, or an Irish coffee to pair with your green meal. Going for a more laid back feel? Your St. Patrick’s Day party food doesn’t have to be fancy! Get creative with appetizers and theme them around the day such as a reuben dip, green guacamole, or add Baileys to your brownies!

Hit the streets

Start the morning at your place but then head out to celebrate with the community! Go to your favorite Irish bar, watch your local St. Patrick’s Day parade, or grab an award-winning reuben from Browne’s Irish Marketplace, the oldest Irish-owned business in North America. Want to earn those green beers later? Bring the kids and hit the ground running with Westport’s 4-mile run!

Embrace the theme

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Wear green and play some Irish tunes that will have your friends dancing a jig! Have your guests follow a rainbow to a pot o’gold (drinks) and festively cheers with the Irish saying, Sláinte! Go all out so that you bring out a wee bit o’ Irish in all of your friends!

Host a girls’ day

You don’t have to drink beer in the streets to celebrate the holiday! Gather your closest friends and spend the day relaxing at home. Break out your craft boxes and make a St. Patrick’s Day craft or bake something green like a key lime pie. Bring over your green pjs and watch a holiday-inspired movie as you sip on themed drinks such as a Matcha Ginger Kombucha Fizz or a boozy Lucky Charms milkshake!


St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner so it’s time to start planning! Whether you go out, stay in, run a 5K, or just run to the bar, you might just create a party that becomes a tradition for you and your crew.

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