9 Unique Easter Basket Ideas

Whether it’s your baby’s first Easter or you’re looking to please your teen without giving up tradition, breaking away from the traditional Easter basket can be a fun and easy way to celebrate the spring holiday! Here are 9 unique Easter basket ideas to make Sunday a little brighter for your family.

Make it an art project

For the kids that love art, find a cheap bucket and spray it with chalkboard paint! Personalize it before they wake up and let them erase it and create their own design! Half of the fun will be letting them decorate it themselves in the afternoon. Once Monday rolls around, repurpose the bucket to house tennis balls or school supplies.

Embrace the beauty of nature

In the spirit of the spring season, adorn a woven basket with beautiful blooms and green foliage. For your super girly girl, add ribbon and lace to make it extra special. Use real flowers from the local market or incorporate faux blooms to make it a long-lasting gift that your little one can carry around the house after the holiday has come and gone.

Leave a basket for your bundle

Let’s be honest, this basket is probably more for you than your new baby, but it will be a great photo opportunity! Fill the Easter basket full of rattles, Easter socks, and little onesies that will make your heart sing! Include an Easter book that you will enjoy reading your little one or a musical toy that will catch their attention. This year is all about making new memories with your family!

Let the guys have some fun

Create a husband-approved basket so he doesn’t miss out on the fun! Pack it full of his favorite things or theme it around a favorite pastime such as golf. Paint Easter eggs to look like baseballs, soccer balls, and footballs, and attach bunny ears to his favorite bottled beer. It’s the thought that counts; make it personal and he’ll be sure to love the special effort.

Spoil your future baker

No matter if your assistant baker needs a stool to reach the counter or your teen has taken a sudden interest in your cookbooks, skip the candy and fill their basket with things they’ll truly enjoy. Have fun shopping for Easter-colored measuring cups, a whisk, and instead of a basket, use a bundt pan, colander, or a mixing bowl! Make something new on Easter Sunday… a dessert perhaps?

Splash in the puddles

Avoid buying an Easter basket that will be in the trash or storage come Monday morning. Think out-of-the-basket (get it?) and fill a new pair of rainboots with special treats for your kids and teens this Easter. Not only will they have fun emptying their boots, but they’ll be excited to wear them throughout the rainy spring season!

Create an artist’s dream

Do you have a college student in an art program or a little Picasso that colors on anything they can get their hands on? Fuel their creativity and fill an Easter basket with stencils, paint, colored pencils, and crayons. Consider including a how-to book for charcoal drawing or a design book from their favorite artist. It’ll be an Easter basket that they won’t groan over!

Send your love to somebunny far away

Mail a paper mache egg through USPS to a friend or family member that you can’t be with on Easter day. Decorate the egg, fill it up with their favorite items, and tape it up for travel. Make an impact from across the country to let someone know that you are thinking of them on Easter day.

Thank the hostess with a twist

Heading to Easter brunch elsewhere this year? Since you’re off the hook with the family and you don’t have to cook up a storm for the crew, you can put some extra effort into your hostess gift this weekend. Show up at your holiday brunch with a small apple basket filled with wine, chocolate, candles, and more!


If Easter snuck up on you this year, there is still time to pull together an Easter basket that is unique and personal. Don’t let tradition be forgotten; whether you’ve got a little toddler running around, or a trio of teens that care more about their smartphones, there is an Easter basket for everyone that will make them smile.

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