5 girls’ night in ideas

Time goes by so fast and before you know it, we haven’t seen our girlfriends in (what seems like) years! Instead of going out and dealing with reservations, lines, and loud music, plan a night in where you can make the most of every second that you have with your favorites. Here are 5 fun girls’ night in ideas that will get your inner circle together just like old times.

Treat yourself

Everyone deserves to be pampered whether you’re a mom, workaholic, or just tired! Stock up on nail kits, bright polishes, and face masques, and don’t skimp on the snacks. It’s about time you took some time for self-care and who better to do it with than your college friends?

Pick a card, any card

Open the wine and break out the games that can only be played when the kids are asleep. Have everyone bring an app to share and order some pizza when the wine kicks in and hunger strikes. Keeping score? Grab a cute prize for the winner to take home and brag about for days.

Turn up the volume

Break out the tissues, pop the popcorn and dim the lights! Spend the night in your pjs with your girlfriends and watch all the movies that your husbands, children, or dogs won’t sit through. Browse Netflix for a new flick or choose a favorite that you know will get the crowd laughing (or crying).

Grab the glue

Your girlfriends understand why you have special scissors for crafts. If your friends get excited about DIY projects, then a night immersed in decorative paper, tape, and glitter might be the perfect solution to gather the troops. Choose something that everyone can work on together or have them bring over their own project that they’ve been putting off for months.

Spice it up

If your group likes to cook and is up for a challenge, try out a new recipe together or tackle the craft of sushi rolling. Would you rather spend time at the dining table chatting than sweating over the stove? Make it a potluck and have everyone bring dishes to share. Girls’ night dinner ideas don’t have to be a lot of work; the important part is that you’re making time for each other!

Getting together can be tough with packed worked calendars, volunteer commitments, and family schedules. Make the most of your time when you squeeze in a girls’ night by staying in and truly enjoying each other’s company. Who knows, it might become a tradition!

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