Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Wedding invitations can seem intimidating, especially paired with the process of wedding planning. Setting the tone for your event is essential to hosting a memorable event that is everything you’ve dreamed of. Here is our guide to everything you ever wanted to know about wedding invitation etiquette.

Decide on Formality

Before you do anything, decide on the formality of your event. The event formality will be your guiding light throughout the planning process, especially when it comes to wedding invitations.

Envelope Addressing

Read all about how to properly address your wedding invitations by reviewing our last post, that includes everything you need to know about addressing wedding invitations properly.


Inner and Outer Envelopes

Formal weddings should utilize traditional outer and inner envelope system. Medium formality events can utilize the more modern approach of an outer wrap, belly band, or enclosure that does not need addressed. Lowest on the formality scale is an invitation accompanied by a RSVP card and envelope.

Envelope Size

Important to consider when choosing or creating an invitation suite, is the amount of information being communicated and also standard mailing guidelines. Choosing a traditional A7 envelope size can be considered standard for highly formal script-based invitations. Alternatively, modern invitations may choose to use minimalistic type with a unique shape, such as a square. What most people don’t realize however, is that square envelopes require a special amount of postage different than standard rectangle envelopes.

Invitation Wording

Using the proper formality of wording on wedding invitations is key to ensuring that the proper credit is given to those hosting the event. Today, we see more and more families hosting the event together in one way or another, making the detail of wording more important than ever. Consulting with a professional stationer on wording unique to your situation is the best practice for ensuring that all bases are covered.

Envelope Sealing

Envelope sealing is one way to subtly address formality, and also show additional creativity and attention to detail. For instance, using a custom crest wax seal is significantly more formal than simply sealing without any detail. There are a variety of options for envelope sealing but there is no distinct line in the sand when it comes to right and wrong. Stay true to the formality of your event and overall event style, and you will be good to go.

Envelope Stamping

Stamps are a fun, but important detail when it comes to wedding invitations. There are so many options to consider. Using vintage stamps in your wedding color palette can be a fun way to elevate your invitations. As long as the monetary value of the stamps equates to the current stamp mailing rate, your envelopes will mail without issue. Personalized stamps are another way to display perfectly thought-through style and complete the perfect look for your wedding suite.



Much like the wording on your invitations, the overall design gives your guests the one and only glimpse into what they should expect when attending your big day. Giving off the appropriate amount of details in regard to formality, logistics, etc. all falls onto the shoulders of your invitation design. Be sure to work alongside your stationer to communicate all important details, event style, personalized touches, etc. to develop an idea that is uniquely yours.


Wedding invitation trends continue to change over time, and many details regarding wedding invitation etiquette are best-kept secrets of those within the industry. Hiring a professional to guide you through the invitation design and etiquette process is the best way to ensure your invitations will be on-style and well received.


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