How to write a thank you note

Tis’ the season for being thankful! With Thanksgiving 2018 in the books, it’s all about having a thankful mindset heading toward the end of the year. Whether it’s a baby shower thrown by your friends, a wedding gift, or a thoughtful gesture from your neighbor, a handwritten thank you is a courteous way of expressing your gratitude. Consider these 6 tips on thank you note writing as you head into the season of giving.

Find appropriate stationery

Use formal stationery, personally monogrammed note cards, or a funny card that you found at your local boutique. A simple, white monogrammed note card might be perfect for a wedding gift while a vibrantly colored “Cheers” card would be fitting for a hosted dinner at a friend’s house. The paper is not as important as the message inside; just ensure that the card is appropriate for the occasion.

Be specific

Instead of thanking your colleague for “the wedding gift,” thank them for the “large silver pitcher.” A vague thank you note will signify that you can’t remember what the gift was or that you quickly wrote all of the thank yous identically- representing a lack of effort. Say what the gift or service was and how it will be used. If you were gifted a large silver pitcher, express your excitement for using it at your monthly dinner parties.

Mention the occasion

The first line of your thank you is the perfect place to say how special you felt at the baby shower or how much it meant that the guests attended your wedding. Whether you are writing a thank you for a wedding shower gift, a birthday present, or a gift card, you should not only mention the gesture, but speak of the occasion and experience.

Keep it short

Make it concise and to the point. Although a detailed and personal thank you is a nice gesture, no one wants to sit down and read a book, and you don’t have the time for that, either! Short and sweet is best; if you have more to say, it might be better expressed through a phone call or over lunch.

Send it soon

Sign, seal, and deliver your thank you notes as soon as possible. A wedding goer may wonder if you received their gift or your aunt may get her feelings hurt thinking you haven’t recognized her thoughtful gesture. Thank you notes should be sent within 2 weeks while you get a grace period of three months for wedding gifts.

To send or not to send?

If you are questioning whether or not a thank you is necessary, go ahead and write one. It’s better to come off as “too polite” than ungrateful. If it’s your best friend or mom, a thank you might be too formal and a hug and a kiss will do the trick!

Keep a stack of thank you cards and stamps on hand so that you can easily and quickly send out a note of gratitude when you’re feeling thankful. You don’t have to be a writer to create a meaningful message from the heart. A thoughtful and sincere note from the heart will be well-received by wedding guests and gift givers alike.

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