Fun and Classy 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

A girl’s 21st birthday is one to look forward too. With the final year of restrictions behind her and legally being able to toast with a glass of champagne, the 21st birthday requires an incredible celebration.


Her very own “drinking” glass

Every girl is excited to “finally” try champagne on their 21st birthday. Why not get her very own monogrammed tumbler? Anything you can imagine from her name to her very favorite quote can be put on her glass to commemorate her final birthday into adulthood!



A hilarious birthday card

A girls 21st birthday is a definite reason to celebrate. Any old birthday card will not do! Find your birthday girl the funniest, sassiest, most adult birthday card you can find. This is only the start to lead to many great memories made through the night!



Drinking Games

Now that your birthday girl can walk into the liquor store and buy her own bubbly, her competitive side is ready to soar. Buy her her very own drinking games to keep at her house for when all of her friends over 21 friends visit.




It’s a proven fact, all girls love candles. Getting your birthday girl a candle is a guaranteed way to help her bring in adulthood in style.  



Bags, bags, and more bags

We all know that girls love purses but did you know that girls love the bags they can put in their purse just as much? Cute handheld bags can carry anything change to makeup and everything in between, can make the perfect gift for a girl looking for a new convenient place to keep her id.


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